…but I did it anyway

Sometimes you have to fake it ’til you make it


Yesterday was just “one of those days.”  After a busy day I work, I hurried home to change and run some errands.  A little over an hour later, I was back home. After a quick dinner, I was finally able to sit down and unwind.  Boy, did I unwind!

I grabbed my laptop and sat on the couch.  Two or three TV shows later, I had no intention of doing anything of a constructive nature.  Then, sometime after 8:30pm, my wife asked if I would like to do some power yoga with her.  Now, understand, my brain was in “chill mode” and the little voice in my head was telling me how comfortable I already was.  But, before I could talk myself out of it, I agreed to get up and do it anyway.

I really wasn’t feeling it, at first.  But, the instructor on the yoga video broke down some yoga poses that, up until then, I never really understood. Fifty minutes later, I felt much better and was armed with some new knowledge to boot.

It’s very easy to cop out. We’re “too tired”. The show we’re watching is too interesting.  That less-important task suddenly becomes high-priority, all because it’s the easier thing to do.

People in my parents’ generation used to say “fake it ’til you make it.”  In other words, sometimes you have to do something you know you should be doing, even when you don’t want to.  Over time, it becomes something you learn to either love or, at least, accept as a priority.  It’s a lot from a little statement but, words of wisdom are generally short and to the point.

If there’s something that needs done, do it before that voice tells you not to.  Otherwise, you could be robbing yourself of experiences and opportunities that could totally change your world.

Written by JP Smith

A self-proclaimed "technologist...with attitude", I'm a forty-something husband, father and IT professional/enthusiast. I believe that learning and growth are lifelong endeavors.