Like fine wine, sex gets better with age

Who says getting older doesn’t have its advantages?


This is the first post on this site about doing “it”.  You know…“IT”?  Oh, hell…we’re over 40.  I’m talking about sex, folks.

According to a new study out of University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, middle-age can be a magical time in the sex lives of women.  The study looked into the sex lives of 500 women, between the ages of 40 and 69, who are in relationships. While there were concerns about  physical fitness, diminished sexual interest and vaginal lubrication, the common theme is that these women were having more enjoyable sex than they did in their 20’s.

For the participants in this study, it boiled down to a beautiful thing that comes with getting older — overcoming youthful hangups.  These women shared how they now feel more comfortable in their skin.  Many also shared how they have the confidence to vocalize any issues they’ve encountered in regards to sex, in order work through them and arrive at a greater state of satisfaction.

However, the study also confirms that heath care providers should work to foster better communications with women over 40 to address concerns about sexual dysfunction.

Nonetheless, it’s good to see that being over 40 doesn’t spell an end to having a vibrant sex life.  In fact, it might be a new beginning. So, to the spouses and significant others of 40+ women, take note.  The furnace might not be the only thing heating up your bedroom.

Written by JP Smith

A self-proclaimed "technologist...with attitude", I'm a forty-something husband, father and IT professional/enthusiast. I believe that learning and growth are lifelong endeavors.