Excuse Me While I Go Color

Give your mind a little vacation


If you’ve gone into any store that carries books, you’ve probably noticed the sudden increase in adult coloring books.  What used to be relegated to elementary school is now a money-making business targeted towards adults.  Coloring books are everywhere: books stores, grocery stores, hobby stores, you name it.

I will happily admit that I own a couple of these books.  For Christmas last year, I got a very nice set of colored pencils and a sketch book.  Because even though I can’t draw stick people, I have discovered my inner artist.  I’ve started learning how to make mandalas, do creative lettering, and explore zentangles.  Drawing and coloring take me to my happy place.  And I’m not alone.

It’s called art therapy and it’s a long-time proven way to express yourself.  In an article by CNN, they point out that “Coloring has therapeutic potential to reduce anxiety, create focus and bring about more mindfulness… Just like meditation, coloring also allows us to switch off our brains from other thoughts and focus only on the moment, helping to alleviate free-floating anxiety.“

The best part about coloring is you don’t need instructions on how to get started and you don’t need any fancy equipment.  Type “Adult Coloring Pages” into Google and you’ll find plenty of free printables.  I would highly recommend using colored pencils instead of markers or crayons, but that’s just my preference.  If you really want to spend money, Crayola offers a collection called “Color Escapes” with various themes such as Nature, Americana, Gardening, Kaleidoscopes and Whimsical.  A quick peek at “Adult Coloring Books” on Amazon returned hundreds of results.  You have a lot to choose from.

So when adulthood starts weighing you down, give yourself a mental health day, grab your coloring book and get busy.  If your boss ask, tell them you’re in therapy.

Written by Myrtis Smith

African American. Female. Christian. Sometimes-Vegetarian.

Wife. Mother. Daughter. Sister. Friend.

Writer. Teacher. Zumba Enthusiast.