Skipping a soda a day keeps the pounds away

One small change can help curb calories


If anyone knows me, they know I’m a Coke addict (Coca-Cola, that is). There’s nothing like an ice-cold fountain Coke, with the bubbles tickling my nose.  Ahh, the bliss!

But, oh, the calories!

Granted, I don’t drink as many as I used to but, when I do, I do it up big.  Unfortunately, my waistline reminds me of that.

According to researchers, nearly one-third of adults drink one or more sugary drinks daily.  Sugar should account for no more than 10% of our daily calories but, just one these drinks usually puts us right over the top.  This means larger clothes and increased risk for diseases like Type 2 diabetes.

So, you know where this is going, right?  You guessed it: cut to soft drinks (and even sugary fruit juices).  According to the experts, replacing the soda with good old water would eliminate 30% of your daily calories, as well as helping to lower obesity rates.

Well, I was looking for a reminder of why I need to refocus my efforts to mind what I eat AND drink.  This was clearly it.

If anyone is looking for an approach to getting more water, here’s what I plan to do.  Knowing that the goal is to get at least 8 glasses a day (more if you’re exercising), before breakfast, I plan on drinking 2-4 8oz glasses.  At lunch, I plan on having another 3-4 glasses of water and with dinner, another 2-4 glasses. On my exercise days, I’ll drink more water as needed.

If this sounds like a lot, you might want to look at what you’re consuming in liquids already.  Two 20-oz soft drinks replaced by water would be more than half of your daily goal.

Well, it’s about time for me to get back on my water.  Now, for my next trick: going cold-turkey on the butter pecan ice cream!

Written by JP Smith

A self-proclaimed "technologist...with attitude", I'm a forty-something husband, father and IT professional/enthusiast. I believe that learning and growth are lifelong endeavors.