At 40+, is the key diet or exercise?

The age-old debate continues


When it comes to weight loss, the importance of diet vs. exercise is always a key question.  Personally, I believe that diet is more critical because you can’t outwork bad eating.  However, let’s talk about another critical concern for people in our age group: heart health.  When it comes to this,if you ask which of these is more important, the answer might surprise you.

A recent study looked into this question. The short of it appears to be that, doing either, or both, all work equally well.  Researchers broke the subjects into three groups.  One only changed diet, the second upped their exercise and the third did both. Each subject was tasked with losing 7 percent of their weight in 3 months.

Researchers found that, in terms of heart health, the results were no different.  Each group dropped their cardiovascular risk by 10 percentage points.

“In the end, all three groups registered the same degree of improvement in terms of blood pressure, cholesterol levels and heart rate, and the same amount of heart disease risk reduction, the study findings showed.”

According to the study’s lead author, however, combining the two would be most beneficial. There are still other concerns, such as a risk of diabetes, that deserve consideration.

In either case, if you are facing challenges related to your weight, it’s time to make a change.  You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to make it happen.


Written by JP Smith

A self-proclaimed "technologist...with attitude", I'm a forty-something husband, father and IT professional/enthusiast. I believe that learning and growth are lifelong endeavors.